Why We Are Joining Boulay Financial Advisors

Prepare For The Future

First of all, I have no plans to retire!  I love working with everyone who has placed their trust in me and my team. I intend to continue serving the clients of Robert Steffen and Associates for years to come under the Boulay banner.  I think the timing is right though, to join forces with somebody I feel can help me serve the firm's clients and employees as best I can for the long-term.

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Expand Our Services

We are excited to join Boulay as it will enable us to expand the services we can offer to our clients. The Boulay team has both expert and technological resources that we expect will be of tremendous value to so many of our clients. In this increasingly complex and fast moving world, we see joining forces with a firm that boasts so many resources as nothing but a positive. 

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Same Ideals & Culture

Over the years, we have talked with several firms about joining forces but never came away 100% comfortable with their approach and priorities. I don't have those concerns about Boulay. They have a growing wealth management team that shares the Robert Steffen and Associates mission to " do right by our clients".  By joining forces with Boulay, we feel we can do an even better job of providing top notch service.  

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Will I Have To Change Accountants?

Absolutely not! This is a merger of wealth managers with identical approaches to serving of our clients. Neither we nor the Boulay team have any expectation that our clients will transition to Boulay's accounting services.  

As Few Disruptions As Possible

Our goal is for as few disruptions as possible for our clients with this merger. Our team will be same with some new additions eventually.  Our relationship with TD Ameritrade will not change and you will continue to get statements from TD and be able to view your accounts at www.advisorclient.com. While we are moving to Boulay's beautiful Eden Prairie office (just off Highway 212 at Valley View Road), our telephone number and email address will remain the same. 


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