How We Work

It is a tall order to search through all the available financial advisors; understand what they offer; and then figure out how you end up paying them. We want to make sure you understand how we do business and are compensated.

Registered Investment Advisor
Robert Steffen and Associates has been operating as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) since 1987.  As an RIA, we provide individualized financial advice and planning services on preparing for life's events and transitions. We also provide investment allocation recommendations that match your financial goals and attitude towards investment risk. We do not earn a commission for anything that we recommend. 

As a Registered Investment Advisor, it is our legal duty to serve our clients as a fiduciary. That means that we are duty-bound to place the interests of our clients before our own.  If we find ourselves in a situation where we feel we may have a conflict of interest, as a fiduciary we will inform our clients of any conflict so they can take that into consideration when making a decision.

Clients Control Their Accounts
Our clients maintain complete control over their investments. We provide portfolio allocation recommendations but we do not execute any trades until we receive approval to do so. Most of our client accounts are held at the national firm, TD Ameritrade, which provides online access and sends out monthly account statements.

How We Charge for Our Services
We charge a financial planning fee that is based on the services provided. We collect fees on a quarterly basis. Some clients pay by check while others have the amount debited from one of their investment accounts. We have clients that pay in arrears while others are comfortable paying in advance for the quarter. 

More Information
For more information, please review the documents on our Disclosure page.


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