Complete Financial Care

You are not a one-dimensional person and neither are your finances. Taxes, insurance, asset protection and estate planning can be as important as your investment portfolio. We look at your complete financial picture to make sure that you have all your financial bases covered.

Additionally, your financial priorities change over time. Saving for a home and paying off loans leads to saving for college and a comfortable retirement. Planning for retirement gives way to planning your legacy. Every step of the way, we will be there to help you understand your options and to execute the strategy that best fits your needs.

The RSA Financial Planning Process

Step One - Your Complete Financial Picture

The first step is to get to know you, your life and your financial situation. Initially, we ask a lot of questions and request a lot of documents: tax returns, investment statements, insurance policies, etc. It’s all about getting the complete picture of you.

Step Two - Your Financial Strategy

We use the information you provide to help you get a complete view of your financial situation. What’s going well, what needs adjusting. We then work with you to shape a strategy that fits you, your goals, your values, your life.

Step Three - We Get To Work

Now it’s time to work on the top priorities in your strategy. Do you need a will? Are you invested properly? Are your assets properly protected? We work on what you need to achieve financial security and success.

The Next Step - Life

Going forward, it’s a combination of periodically reviewing your progress, evaluating what is new and what still needs work. Your financial plan is never really done, it only evolves as your life changes. When changes do happen, we will be there to help you take on the opportunities and challenges that life presents.

The Road To Success Is Always Under Construction – Arnold Palmer