You Are In Control

With our guidance, you make the high-level decisions and we execute the strategy. We make recommendations but always ask for your approval before implementing a change to your portfolio. That way, you retain control over your investments without the nuisance factor of paperwork, day-to-day monitoring, and getting caught up in the technical details. 

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A Knowledgeable Team

Robert Steffen, CFP® leads a group of professionals that includes 2 additional Certified Financial Planners (CFPs®), and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®). For over 30 years, Bob has been providing objective advice and guidance. He continues to meet with every RSA client to ensure that they receive the highest care and service for their specific needs. 

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Reasonable Cost

An important factor in how your investments grow is how much they cost. Many advisors at big name Wall Street firms charge fees that start at 1.5% and recommend spendy in-house funds.  The cost of our service is much less. We also  regularly use low-cost index funds to broadly diversify our clients’ core holdings. We are mindful of costs because we feel that your money should work for you. 

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Expertise For Your Unique Situation

After 30 years, we know when your situation requires specialized attention. Physicians often need additional measures to protect their assets, retiring business owners face complex tax situations,  blended families need intricate estate planning.  RSA maintains strong relationships with many financial professionals with expertise in insurance, tax and estate planning that we can bring to the table to meet your unique financial needs.


There are many who offer advice but few who offer guidance – Author Unknown